Our approach

Simply on your way…

Sometimes you just need a bit of time to get yourself on your way. But on your way towards what?

Accompanying. With passion!

Since its conception in 2005, SB Transition SA has never stopped accompanying others, enhancing personal development and encouraging everything that’s just waiting to hatch. Allowing the exploration, for a moment, of all possible projects. Such is the mission of a guide, and SB Transition SA takes to heart the attentive reception of dreams, aspirations and often hidden talents of each individual. Everyone is guided according to their own choices and at their own pace on the path of success.

A vocation? Most certainly!

The name of the company speaks for itself, SB being the abbreviation of “Saint Bernard,” that robust and devoted companion; the 3 “i”s represent integration and individualized independence, the essence of our commitment.

And our history, you ask?

At its founding, SB Transition SA faced all the complexities associated with all-new adventure, and emerged a more mature version of itself. It was worth it to live this ourselves so that when others pass through our door, we can fully accommodate and listen to them and, most importantly, exchange and share our experiences.

Dare… From dream to reality.

To dare is to discover, to take risks, to go towards others, to share, to accept. We apply our sincerity to everything we do to allow you to confide yourself in a caring context.

An adventure? The human adventure above all.

Human thanks to the people who comprise SB Transition SA and who dedicate themselves to transmitting their knowledge with sincerity, enthusiasm and dynamism. Human thanks to all of you, because you are what it’s all about.

Our guarantees of professionalism