A great collaboration for many years between Belbin® and SB Transition SA

Our approach

From 2020, SB Transition SA will take over the coordination of Belbin ®’s activities for the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Welcome to discover this magnificent tool through three distinct and complementary approaches:

  • Discover your Belbin® profile and preferences when working as a team
  • Take the Belbin® accreditation training
  • Take our training on improving your teams’ performance
Belbin's presentation


Have you ever wondered how some teams seem to work naturally while others generate cacophony?

Dr. Meredith Belbin

Dr. Meredith Belbin is at the origin of the team role model. This international standard is:

  • recognized by scientifically
  • translated research in more than 35 languages
  • used in all sectors of the private and public economy

The Belbin® method allows everyone to identify their favourite team roles and thus to put words on the added value they bring to a team:

  • to get feedback from your colleagues about your contribution to the team
  • to clarify your self-marketing
  • implement a strategy for developing your own performance and that of your teams
The 9 team roles

We activate all nine roles to varying degrees. Above all, it is useful to identify what our preferred roles are. These correspond to our added value and we need to be able to use them to develop as a team, to increase individual and collective performance.


Belbin® Method accreditation: for all HR managers, trainers, coaches and consultants.


SB Transition SA is the Belbin® Method training centre for French-speaking Switzerland.


  • Improving team performance
  • Teambuilding
  • Mentoring coaching
  • Career management coaching
  • Leadership training courses
  • Training for teamwork
  • Recruitment


Moderated by Eveline Jost and Annick Milet Wagner, Belbin® coordinators for French-speaking Switzerland

Accreditation objectives: 

  • Understand how individuals contribute to the team’s success
  • Improve the individual and collective performance of teams using a model validated by scientific research
  • Obtain a clear vision of the strengths and vigilance points of individuals and teams
  • Help managers to understand how others perceive them
  • Benefit from a self-marketing tool to support people
  • Form teams with optimum diversity
  • Analyze your first experiences in the field
  • Join the network of accredited consultants

Public concerned :

This seminar is intended for trainers, Human Resources professionals, coaches, consultants and recruiters.

Accredited consultant formula

  • Right to use the Belbin® method
  • Access to the latest version of e-interplace 7 software (multilingual) with 10 profiles available
  • Pack of official documents (presentation materials, guides, tool sheets, articles, exercises, research data,…) on USB key
  • Practical exercises of analysis, debriefing and teambuilding
  • Automatic update of software and documents (no annual license to pay)
  • Official and international certification exam, validated by Belbin Associates
  • Team Role Model

This model is an international standard used for more than 30 years, translated into 22 languages (more than one million individual reports have been produced to date worldwide). The reports (individual, team and position) combine self-perception and observer vision for maximum reliability.


Two days: June 26 and July 3, 2020 (9 am – 5 pm)

Location: SB Transition SA, 4, rue Liotard – CH 1202 Geneva
Price: CHF 1’950.00 including VAT (early bird minus 10%, date March 31st 2020)
Deposit : CHF 600 INCL. VAT

Performance training for your teams

You work in a company and would like to be able to improve the performance of your teams:

  • You have the choice of mandating SB Transition SA to assist you in all or part of this process
  • You can follow our training to learn how to integrate Belbin tools into your teams
  • You wish to send a representative of your company as a project leader

To do this, we would be happy to advise you on the best way to approach your problem during a first discussion. Our Director is at your entire disposal: +41 22 366 88 99

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