Our engagement

SB Transition SA is committed to active listening to its clients and candidates. Its partners are all owners of their businesses and have joined our organization to bring à la carte and totally individualized support. Their human qualities are as recognized as their technical and managerial abilities.

We take into account the expectations and concerns of our clients and our candidates to provide them quality service in all the areas relative to support of people and teams, job search as well as at the time of transition to an independent role or toward a constructive retirement.

The desire to continuously improve the economic performance of businesses gradually leads to restructuring, which is often sadly accompanied by dismissals. People or teams may also find themselves in a crisis situation. Sometimes, open listening and advice are enough to “find oneself again” and re-establish a healthy work foundation.

Furthermore, in a sincere approach to personal development, we share our skills and our network of relationships in order to assure support which is positive and always rich in new experiences.

We are convinced that, by investing in human capital, we will bring to our clients and candidates a constructive alternative to the ever-growing needs for improved performance and competitiveness.

Beyond simple principles, these bases translate values and a real course of action adopted by SB3i SA and shared by each partner. They are the basis of all our commercial, professional and personal relationships.  They must be passed on and shared equally to be expressed in everyday life.

This is why SB3i SA has decided to integrate the ISO 9001 : 2008 approach as a framework for its business, with the goal of offering standardized high level services.

Our guarantees of professionalism