Moving Forward in My Path of Success

Sometimes moving forward can take time, but the most important is to move forward…

SB Transition SA specialises in career transition, business development, personal development and continuing education.

Our partners are all owners of their own companies. Their human qualities are as well-known as their technical and managerial skills. We put our skills at your disposal according to your expectations and concerns in order to provide you with quality services with the aim of providential career development.

We take into account the expectations and concerns of our clients and candidates, to provide them with quality services in all areas relating to the support of individuals and teams, job search, continuing education, career transition as well as when leaving for independence or constructive retirement.



Career transition

Overcome the feeling of failure of your job loss and transform it into a providential career development opportunity.

People and Performance

Individual and group coaching

Getting to know oneself better; interacting and communicating better with those who surround us

Close up shot of runner's shoes.Young male jogger athlete training and doing workout outdoors in city.


Education & Training

Career mentoring with continuous remote university training, built on knowledge gained from experience

Business Development

Supporting people to become independent

Have you ever dreamed of becoming independent or buying a business ?


Our guarantees of professionalism

Développez vos perspectives professionnelles !

Nous proposons des prestations de qualité dans tous les domaines relatifs à l’accompagnement de personnes et d’équipes, la recherche d’un emploi, la formation continue, la transition de carrière ainsi que lors du départ à l’indépendance ou vers une retraite constructive.