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Career mentoring with continuous remote university training, built on knowledge gained from experience

The training continues

Why is training a necessity for people involved in the workplace?

Our approach to ongoing training is based principally on the reference points of work and personal experiences, from which arise the lifelong challenges of training.

Technological development and the complexity of command and control systems are growing ever more rapidly, resulting in frequent changes in our everyday lives. It is thus indispensable to maintain a balance between skills and knowledge acquired or lost in the course of one’s professional life.

We believe it is essential to be able to give such training to those who are in the job market, thus enabling them to adapt and maintain their employability throughout their careers. This is all in the common interest of businesses and employees.

Our philosophy is to unite our stakeholders around a hub of specialist and experts who play an important role as trainers and senior business representatives. In the context of our training on leadership and team building, our stakeholders are primarily academics, members of executive boards or executive committees of large organizations.

We propose two original methods linking professional career mentoring with continuous remote university training, built on knowledge gained from experience. The first method is the certification training provided by SB Transition SA. The second, is degree attainment in collaboration with the institution of remote Swiss university formation (Unidistance).

Team Performance

You would like to set up a new dynamic in your organization or for your team(s), a sense of more harmonious collaboration, increased efficiency and better alignment with the company’s strategy.

All these elements can only be achieved through sincere and constructive interaction where information flows in a fluid and transparent manner.

What is the role and responsibility of management? What does it bring to this dynamic? What does he want to gain from it and what can he bring to the table?

Unity is strength! How to detect blockages, transform them into information and modulate them so that they become forces? Each employee has experience and skills that, once valued, can bring new resources to the entire team and, in a cascade, to the entire company.

It is by daring to work together, to open up to others, to pose problems that positive dynamics can take root in the long term.

The objective of our training

Our training for managers and consultants aims to help you implement an approach based on the 9 team roles developed scientifically through the Belbin ® tool and completed by all our experiences in the field as managers and trainers.

How the training is conducted

This training, which meets ISO 9001:2015 standards and is EduQua certified, takes place over a period of 3 days as follows:

  • Day 1: In-depth understanding of the 9 team roles of Belbin ®, role plays, case studies, implementation in your/the teams.
  • Day 2: Interactional systems approach in companies and application to our methodology. Implement a strategy, address bottlenecks, set SMART objectives.
  • Day 3: After a period of 3 months, review, share and deepen the situations experienced. How to refine my approach, problem solving, monitoring progress, communicating positively.

What kind of luggage do you come out with?

After this training, the manager/consultant will have a set of recognized tools and will be able to implement them in his teams or in companies. He will be able to lead “team performance” sessions as a manager or consultant, alone or with our support, and follow the evolution of your/his teams over time.

University degrees

In partnership with Unidistance Switzerland.


Training courses

Our standardized training sessions can be found in our online catalogue.

We can build customized training for you. Our sessions are therefore perfectly adaptable to companies depending on your needs. We are even willing to take charge of all or part of your staff and ensure standards defined by your expectations.

Thanks to our speakers, who are all active in the world of business and management, we will develop a complete syllabus with you and will seek out specialists if there are any specific needs.

In general, classes take place at our company premises. They can also be given at your workplace as long as a minimum number of participants take part.

Since we are currently in the certification phase with eduQua, we hope in the very near future to add this new procedure that complies with ISO 9001:2015, a standard that we have already applied to all our activities. The training sessions are validated and are supported by internal certification.

Our partners are happy and willing to set up a training program fully customized to you.

A detailed catalogue of our offers is available upon request by email or by telephone.

The details of all of our courses

The Details of All of Our Courses

Education / TrainingPublic PurposeTargetTimeGroupPrice(HT)
Belbin certificationfor trainers, Human Resources professionals, coaches, consultants and recruiters2 days4 to 10CHF 1’950.-
Team PerformanceImprove performance in your teamsFor managers and consultants3 days4 to 10CHf 2’800.-
Team building, motivation and group dynamicsMaking the connection between the group dynamic and the performanceAll those who work at the heart of a team, with or without managerial responsibilities2 half-days4 to 10 peopleCHF 780.- per person
Successfully returning to work after a long absenceGuiding you every step of the way on constructing your return to workAll those who have taken repeated or prolonged time off due to sickness/accident/maternity2 to 6 months 3 to 6 peopleCHF 3,500 to 6,100 per person (depending on duration)
From Manager to Leader.Appreciating the areas of intervention of a manager and the competences of a leader, all while sharing useful principles linked to talent developmentAll those who have had experience in coaching and need the keys to understanding how to progress in their practices2 half-days 6 to 10 peopleCHF 890.- per person
The management of stress and conflicts (*)Learning to transform stress by adopting a “positive Attitude » and experiencing conflict as a galvanizing factor for growthAll those who wish to possess the methods that will enable them to manage their stress or better manage conflict1 day3 to 6 peopleCHF 760.- per person
Preparation for retirementTaking your time to construct the most beautiful project of your lifeAll those who wish to conceptualize their retirement by combining activity and wellness2 days4 to 8 peopleCHF 2,000.- per person
(CHF 2,000.- per couple)
Preparation for job interviews (**)Knowing how to put forth your personality, talents and abilities in a genuine wayAll those who wish to optimize their candidacy for a job, internally or externally3 X 2 hours 6 to 10 peopleCHF 450.-
Communication at the heart of a group or in publicOptimizing your relationships and/or (re)creating a dynamic centered on listening and mutual respectAll those looking to improve their performances6 X 2 hours6 to 10 peopleCHF 1,450.- per person
Decelerating the “burnout” and reconstructing yourself (*).Finding the means to overcome the burnout and to live a quality professional lifeAll those who experience chronic stress4 x 2.5 hours3 to 6 peopleCHF 1,150.- per person
Marketing of professional networks (**).Creating and/or developing a network of relationships as part of your job searchAll those who seek a reliable network during their transition6 X 2 hours6 to 10 peopleCHF 1,950.- per person


(*) Course also available individually upon request.

(**) Course also available as part of outplacement.



Registration takes place by submitting documents to our secretariat. Registration is validated upon receipt of the invoice payment and confirmed via email with practical information about the course. Once the maximum number of participants has been reached, SB Transition SA notifies the person and puts him/her on the waiting list for the next course.

Financial Aspects

Upon registration, an advance payment may be requested. Payment of the bill (or of the balance) usually takes place upon receipt of the invoice and no later than 10 working days before the confirmed date of training, except in cases of specific negotiations between SB Transition SA and the client.

Cancellation or Withdrawal

In the case of cancellation by SB Transition SA, registration payments are fully reimbursed.

The deposit or full invoice amount is refunded if withdrawal by the participant occurs at least 10 working days before the start of the activity. After this time, SB Transition SA will charge the total amount of the course and no refund will be given.


Confirmation of participation and payment are routinely issued.

Our guarantees of professionalism