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Supporting people to become independent


How to become independant with no risk

Have you ever dreamed of becoming independent or buying a business? Well, maybe it’s time to get started!

In 2005, at a time when they wanted to start their own business, the founders of SB Transition SA were looking for a support structure to help them out. They realized that such a full-support company helping to become independent (including integration, consulting, administrative management and financial aid) didn’t exist on the market.

They then decided to provide this type of service by offering future entrepreneurs or company buyers a platform and high-quality technical, administrative and financial aid. Yet above all, you can experience independence while you immediately benefit from the fruits of your labors, without sacrificing unemployment rights, which is often a sticking point for all beginner business-creators.

In other words, we are offering you to become part of our company in order to provide you with a secure career transition while supporting you gradually along the steps in this passionate adventure of independence.

Our program and our support will then help you to start your business in a structured way and to let your clients benefit from a high-quality service that meets the strictest international standards since all our activities are ISO9001:2015-certified.

So take a step through our doors! We will be happy to meet with you and discover your projects and ideas. You can now find out all about our four-point concept by clicking on “Find out more”.

From analysis to understanding

To begin with, we will accompany you in a detailed analysis of your personality. This study will determine your motivation, your personal and professional situation, your potential, your goals, and your expectations. It will help you avoid moving forward while forgetting crucial elements for your success, or will help you avoid making a choice that you might later regret due to a lack of knowledge regarding company creation or take-over. This is why our consultants are heads of companies, who offer you their advice and experiences throughout this exciting process.

From an idea to a project

From an idea to a project

Whether or not you have a clear idea of what you want to do, we will discover with you the niche in which you can develop your new business, whether part time or full time, alone or with others. Our partners specialize in management, finance, legal, fiscal and administration matters. They cover all economic sectors and work in networks to bring you the best advice.

From integration to achievement

From integration to achievement

In order to hedge your risks and ensure all payroll taxes for you, we will integrate you fully into our structure. You will become an employee of SB Transition SA for your business as well as for all of your payroll taxes, while remaining completely independent in your business, from which you will receive the entirety of your income. SB Transition SA will also actively participate in the financing of your business through the provision of its structure, premises, secretariat, consultants and its active networks.

From the realization to the partnership

From the realization to the partnership

Two alternatives are presented to you. Once the launching phase succeeds, we will create your company for you and it will take over all your customers. If, however, you encounter obstacles or decide to stop your business, you receive unemployment rights since you are considered an employee of our company during the entire startup process of your business.

Our guarantees of professionalism