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Testimonials are a true gaurantee of a personalized service that SB Transition SA offers to its clients and candidates. We only consider ourselves satisfied when our customer is, so the best way to prove it is to leave you the opportunity to say it for us.

  • When I was offered the possibility to work with SB3i after being layed off, I thought to myself that it was just another company where I would be part of a group and we’d get a bunch of outdated information on web sites for searching jobs. Instead, I got an individual attention. They worked with me on making my resume much more attractive and structured. They helped me in my analysis of my future career path, in particular around whether I would be better fitted as an independent consultant, or if it would be best for me to look for a position in a corporate environment. They even made available to me a structure for activities as an independent. It felt as if they weren’t counting time, but just focused on my success. Despite the hard times, it was a fantastic experience.

  • I was a recent participant at the networking training sessions. I would like to convey to you the excitement I had in learning more about networking, how to present oneself, especially by preparing our « pitch »; not an easy task. This training was certainly a hit! Our trainer, was extremely knowledgeable on the topic and more importantly, brought us invaluable experience to the table. Being also a group training, this allowed us to share our experience and provide case studies from the field to learn new skills. The enthusiasm in the room was refreshing and very contagious. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity and pleasure to learn from you! Warm regards

  • As a client, I was enrolled with SB3i outplacement services for 6 months. During that time, my coach (and 3B3i as an organisation) supported my transition from redundancy right through to obtaining my ultimate goal of re-entering the work market in Geneva. In particular, as someone with complete unfamiliarity with the Geneva and Swiss job markets, they helped me realise my expectations, tailor my goals and provided the tools to achieve those goals.A few words to sum up the programme : “Structured, yet flexible; motivation without pressure; empathy with professionalism”I am in no doubt, SB3i played a key role in enabling me to find, negotiate and secure a position within Geneva in an undoubtedly difficult job market. An excellent service and a very easy recommendation.


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