People and Performance

Getting to know oneself better; interacting and communicating better with those who surround us

A multiple-pronged approach

What means people and Performance?

These are two terms that have been widely discussed in the press or in discussions between friends and colleagues. By asking the question to different trades, you will get many answers, sometimes quite different from each other.

For SB Transition SA, Human and Performance means getting to know yourself better in order to interact and communicate positively with your personal and/or professional environment. It can take the form of the image we convey, the way we communicate, our openness to criticism, etc…

Through our multidisciplinary approach, we offer many tools to meet your individual and managerial needs and support you in team development or in difficult situations. These situations are often complex. They may concern you directly or affect your teams:

  • You would like to strengthen the esprit de corps within your teams or find the personal keys so that you can work better in a group
  • You are facing a difficult or conflictual, personal or collective situation
  • You are faced with changes or dysfunctions within your company or with your teams (objectives to be achieved, reorganization, restructuring, etc.)
  • You want to improve your performance and/or that of your teams
    An employee retires and leaves a void
  • You have to rebuild your teams after mass layoffs
  • You are interested in individual, punctual and personalised support
  • You are looking to (re)define your professional objectives or those you expect from your teams in order to achieve a better balance

SB Transition SA offers a wide range of services for individuals and groups in companies. We adapt our offer according to your needs and this throughout the mandate.

Team Performance

Team Performance is a complex subject that affects both the individual and the collective.

Addressing the issue from a collective perspective within a company requires an understanding:

  • all interactions between all stakeholders
  • the environment and economic constraints
  • social and cultural aspects
  • global and proximity political issues

For several years, SB Transition SA has been developing a concept to improve team performance thanks to the contribution of our partners’ extensive accumulated managerial experience, the Belbin ® tool, the systemic approach in companies, collective intelligence, coaching and mentoring.

You will find more information in our brochure. We would be pleased to present you our approach and our “deliverable” which has already had great success with customers who have placed their trust in us.

We accompany both small groups (4 to 6 people) and larger departments/services (50 to 100 people).

A coach....what for?

A coach….what for?

This term is most often associated with the realm of sports and came to us from the US in the 1980s and 1990s. This very powerful tool is inspired by large-scale concepts in psychology. However, contrary to psychology, which focuses on the past, the dynamic of coaching lies in its scope of “here and now.” Coaching triggers your insights and helps turn your imagined projects into reality.

All partners who accompany you through a coaching process are accredited by the International Federation of Coaches.

Each person is different and has particular needs. In order to respond to your expectations, our coaches provide both NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and systemic tools in their practice, depending on your goals.

A coach ? Maybe…but when?

  • You want to reach your goals while remaining motivated and confident
  • You want to serenely adapt to the changes that occur in your professional and personal life
  • You want to do something because you are tired of internal tension and the resulting negative stress
  • You want to find solutions to a difficult situation
  • You need to share things with a neutral, benevolent and non-judgmental person

To conclude, the magical side of coaching often lies in the paradox that the biggest changes often occur thanks to the smallest changes possible.

Preparing for your retirement

A complete retirement preparation

Retirement is not just a question of age but an active choice to be harmonious in this next chapter of your life.How to visualize your retirement with the angle of serenity and security?

SB Transition SA offers individual and group workshops for addressing the questions related to this new dynamic.The following subjects will be addressed:

  • On a personal level, put yourself and loved ones first. Rely on your past experiences to create your future and find the adequate tools to make it a reality.
  • In order to fully understand your personal revenue, we address questions related to life insurance, pension funds (2nd pillar) and personal savings (3rd pillar).
  • It is also important to address financial shortcomings and how to transfer your assets.
  • Does a doctor share with you what is necessary to ensure a long retirement. Are there specific solutions for your health problems?

Once these elements are addressed, your plans can become reality. This workshop is inspired by the same foundation as our development activities.You will discover how to succeed in your new career…

Go ahead and give it a try, see our creativity for yourself : We hope to see you come in for a free trial with no obligation.


Mediation: a solution to the management of your conflicts

Within a professional context, a badly managed conflict can have unsuspected consequences on productivity as well as on the motivation of one or several co-workers, even of a team in its entirety!

What approach should one then choose to overcome a dispute, stop emotional escalation, and enable people to calm their interpersonal relationships and pursue and improve their collaboration?

Mediation is a method of conflict management in which the parties involve a third independent and impartial party: the mediator. This person accompanies them during the resolution of the conflict and helps them to better understand the other’s point of view. When the parties achieve a larger view of the situation, their ability to work together towards a solution is improved. It is important to underscore that this entire process is voluntary and strictly confidential.

During the meetings, the mediator guarantees the context in which the meetings take place and ensures mutual respect while improving communication. He ensures that the parties can explain their situation, listen to the other party, and highlight the things that are important for each of them.

In work relationships, mediation can be used in conflicts between :

  • 2 or more colleagues, managers, etc.
  • a collaborator or a team and the manager.
  • 2 or more teams.

This search for solutions for the parties restores often neglected communication and allows all the aspects of the relationship to be taken into consideration, especially the continuation of their collaboration as well as more harmonious future interaction.

External « Hotline » service for the prevention and management of work conflict

Why should you call somebody outside the company ?

The idea is to offer employees a confidential listening space. This solution represents a flexible, quick alternative to situations which are often sensitive and delicate. It’s an effective means to avert or overcome a conflict situation. It enables one to avoid having a situation deteriorate to the detriment of the business and the collaborators. A business offering this option shows great responsibility and will have a positive, reassuring effect on its employees.

SB Transition SA offers the following services to public or private enterprises of French-speaking Switzerland :

  • Availability of an external trusted person (by phone, e-mail and confidential meetings).
  • External mediation service.
  • Evaluation by means of investigation and audit in case of harassment complaints.
  • Sensitivity training or workshops tied to management of workplace conflicts.

The partners of SB Transition SA are all entrepreneurs, independent business people, and business executives. Their experience and positions enable them to arrive at quick conclusions and may enable the business to decide which measures are necessary. Their integrity and high ethical standards guarantee total independence and impartiality.

Important note :

As a result of a decree by the Federal Court on May 9, 2012, businesses must provide a trusted person, internal or external, for their employees.  This legal framework is established in the Code of Obligations (article 328 of the CO, Code of Obligations) and in the Law on Work (article 6 of the LTr, Law on Work).

Image Counseling

Within one’s company, image plays an important role which cannot be neglected. No matter what one says, image occupies a prime position and is our first ID card.

Our image can enhance or undermine us.

During our meetings with others, it is important to be aware that, on the one hand, 55% of total impressions we convey are governed by our appearance and, on the other hand, others form an opinion of us within the first 30 seconds of our meeting.

 “We are seen before being heard.”


What purpose does image counseling serve?

Image counseling should not be confused with a makeover.

A makeover, by means of a combination of simple techniques, is the temporary transformation of appearance aside from your personality. It generally occurs over the course of one day.

Image counseling is the enhancement of oneself through an optimal image while respecting personality.

It allows one to bring out the true personality of each person, to be in harmony with that which one expects of oneself or of the impact which we want to have on others.

The power of positive appearance helps one to reach the next level.

Image counseling helps you better understand your appearance to manage it better. It is important to not create a gap between that which we want to be and the manner in which we appear to others.

It is not a question of creating a superficial image, but rather of performing a true fundamental transformation which is necessary to open oneself to the outside world, allowing what one wants to mean to show.

“The goal is not to transform, but to develop your potential and to make the unexploited strengths emerge” Sophie FARIGOUL.


Who is image counseling for?

Image counseling is for people who want to own their image and align their personality with their self-image.

Working on your image will enable you to transform your expression and that of the people you speak with.

Alignment between one’s being and one’s appearance is the guarantee of an effective visual communication.

Thanks to image counseling, you can invest in your personal and professional success!

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