Transforming the sense of failure of your job loss… into a providential career development…

Our approach

Repositioning your career can sometimes be a tricky process. And when faced with this situation, we are committed to helping you face this challenge with serenity.

Our approach is totally individualised, in order to provide you with external and neutral support, structured and competent, adapted to your needs, your desires and your aspirations. All our coaching is individual and tailor-made because our concept is designed to focus on you. There are no group coaching sessions. Open spaces that can accommodate large numbers of candidates are not part of our corporate culture.

Our know-how and experience in outplacement are at your disposal to place you in a positive and competitive situation in your new environment. We offer you a complete platform of support for career transition, preparation for retirement or independence.

We do everything possible to (re)enhance your personal value in your living environment. We use reliable and recognised tools (Belbin, John Holland’s multiple intelligences approach, EMDR, 360°, etc.).

We train you on the latest computer tools, search robots and other electronic marketing tools

Together, we learn about your obstacles and blockages while highlighting your hidden talents in order to create a positive dynamic for transition.

We draw up a contract committing you to a concrete goal in a given timeframe with an objective to be reached. At the end of the programme, you measure and quantify our results with an in-depth satisfaction questionnaire.

Your needs

We are all unique, yet there is one common denominator that unites us: securing our future income. We are committed to welcoming you as you are, with your fears, your hopes, your expectations, without any academic, financial and/or hierarchical prerequisites. Come and discover your values and build your goals with us.

You probably have many questions about your professional future. How to present and promote yourself, work in a team, get a new job, become independent, prepare for retirement?

When we take care of a candidate, everything starts with a detailed analysis of his or her situation. Together we define your needs according to your aspirations, your skills and your environment. After all, a well-defined problem is a source of substantial time savings for you. This precious time belongs to you and we want you to benefit from it.

Your potential

We carry out in-depth work to quickly identify all your skills that can be mobilised as well as your hidden talents.

Measurable objectives are defined together and regularly monitored.

On this basis, you will decide whether you want to be fully or partially integrated into one or more of our four departments.

You are therefore welcome to have a first interview, without any obligation.

Our guarantees of professionalism