Individual and group coaching

Getting to know oneself better; interacting and communicating better with those who surround us

What do we mean by Human and Performance?

These are two terms that are widely used in the press or in discussions between friends and colleagues. If you ask different professions, you will get many answers, some of them quite different from each other.

For SB Transition SA, People and Performance is about getting to know yourself better in order to interact and communicate positively with your personal and/or professional environment. This can take the form of the image we convey, our way of communicating, our openness to criticism etc…

In individual or group sessions

Through our multidisciplinary approach, we offer a number of tools to meet your individual and managerial needs and to help you develop your teams or deal with difficult situations. These situations are often complex. They may concern you directly or your teams:

  • You would like to strengthen the “esprit de corps” within your teams or find the personal keys to work better as a group
  • You are facing a difficult or conflictual situation, either personal or collective
  • You are facing changes or dysfunctions within your company or with your teams (objectives to be achieved, reorganisation, restructuring, etc.)
  • Remote interaction and the home office are disturbing you or are becoming an issue for your department/company
  • You want to improve your performance and/or that of your teams
  • An employee is retiring and leaving a gap
  • You need to rebuild your teams after mass redundancies
  • You are interested in one-off, personalised coaching
  • You are looking to (re)define your professional objectives or those you expect from your teams in order to achieve a better balance

State-of-the-art tools at your service

For several years now, SB Transition SA has been developing a concept for improving team performance thanks to the contribution of our partners’ extensive managerial experience, the Belbin ® tool, Patrick Lencioni’s concepts, the systemic approach in business, collective intelligence, coaching and mentoring.

SB Transition SA offers a wide range of services for both individuals and groups in companies. We adapt our offer to your needs throughout the mandate.

We would be pleased to present our approach and our deliverable, which has already been very successful with clients who have placed their trust in us.

We support small groups (4-6 people) as well as large departments (50-100 people).

Our guarantees of professionalism